The Secret Game

Won't you play along?

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Inspired by Postsecret (Postsecret.com-Check it out)and a revealing game of the secret game with my group of friends, The Secret Game originally started out as a post on my normal livejournal (Username:wewereinfinite6) in which I shared one of my deepest secrets and invited others to do the same. Due to an overwhelming amount of feedback, I decided to start this site. Here, you can post secrets 24/7 and it is guaranteed that they will be included in my next post(site updated every day to every other day). Secrets can simply be posted as anonymous text comments or made into eye-catching images that truly reflect the nature of your secret(recommended). I believe that something can be learned by writing out your darkest thoughts and seeing how others think as well. I invite you to take part in my project and see what you can learn about yourself. I hope you'll accept my invitation and play The Secret Game.-Laura Kateri Hinkson
If anyone would like to make us a new icon or layout, that would be fabulous

-No criticizing someone else's secret in a comment
-You may post as many secrets as you'd like
-No asking for the identity of any poster
-You can absolutely add this livejournal as a friend and feel free to link us anywhere you'd like
-No secret is too stupid

Note: Any secrets posted as comments will be deleted from their comment state once they are included in a post. Also, if any secrets are sent by email, the identity of the sender will be kept completely confidential(try anonymousspeech.com if you're worried about that sort of thing). All images will be copied from their original location to a general photobucket.
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